Wooden Lacing Shape Beads

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Contents  72 beads, 18 work cards and 12 strings
Age  3+
L x W x H  32 x 10 x 8 cm
Weight  0.533 kg
Cleaning Method  A dry or slightly damp cloth with mild soap or detergent - wipe dry
Piece Count  102
Certification  FSC® certified

  • A great set for children to learn shapes, colours and sequencing skills whilst developing fine motor skills.
  • Children select a work card and add the missing wooden bead(s) to complete the sequence on the work card. They then turn over the card to check the answer.
  • The work cards are colour coded across 3 levels of difficulty with 1-2 spaces to fill:
    • Green (Level 1) contains 6 spaces and 1 bead space to fill, with 2 shapes and 2 colours used.
    • Yellow (Level 2) contains 8 spaces and 1 bead space to fill, with 3 shapes and 3 colours used
    • Red (Level 3) contains 8 spaces and 2 bead spaces to fill, with up to 4 shapes and 4 colours used.
  • There are 6 key shapes in this set (square, triangle, rectangle, circle, star, diamond) in 4 colours.
  • Contains 72 wooden threading beads (square measures 3 x 3cm), 18 work cards and 12 strings.