Weighted Blanket for Sleep Therapy (2.3kg)

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Colour: Grey - 2.3KG

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  • Improve Your Kids Sleep➤Weighted blankets for children are significantly heavier than standard duvets and quilts. These blankets help improve sleep quality because they promote the production of melatonin, a natural hormone that controls your natural sleep cycle. They are particularly helpful for children on the autism spectrum, who crave touch and pressure but are unable to tolerate typical physical touch from loved ones. This blanket has a sensory Minky dot texture on the reverse side.
  • ✔How Do The Weighted Blankets Works?➤Weighted blankets provide a sensation known as ‘grounding’ that applies moderate pressure to the sleeper’s body and pushes them further into their sleep surface. Grounding also triggers the release of hormones that calm the nerves and lead to a good night’s sleep. The blanket’s weight is key for preserving sleep quality and getting an adequate amount of rest each night. Weighted blankets should be tailored to the individual users' own body weight.
  • ✔Which Weight Do I Need?➤It is important that the weight of the blanket is in proportion to the body weight of the person using it. The commonly accepted principal verified by Occupational Therapists is that the weighted blanket should be 7-12% of your body weight. Our 92cm x 122cm 2.3kg is suitable for kids around 18-27kg, the 104cm x 152cm 3.2kg is suitable for kids around 27-36kg.
  • ✔Why Choose Peradix Bedding Weighted Blanket?➤Ours is available in 2 weight options and in two sizes. Small and Single Size. This makes the blanket most suitable for a child who weighs between 20kg and 50kg. The blanket is made from a premium high-density 100% polyester material, hand washable, and with internal polyester padding. Weighted blankets are safe for both children and adults, but you should not use a weighted blanket for any child under three years of age.