Stretch Body Stocking

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This large body stocking has many options for getting a touch effect anytime you need it. Just fold it up and take it anywhere! Elastic material gives the right aniybt if resistance to help children calm down. In addition, the stocking helps children to develop spatially develop muscle strength. Used for children for sensorimotor development.

The main effects of stocking are:

  • Self-regulation. The proprioceptive sensations that the child can independently regulate help him calm down.
  • Endurance. Due to the resistance of the stocking, the child develops strength and endurance by moving in it. With it, you can do sports exercises, yoga, daily things, as well as, for example, reading.
  • awareness of one’s own body. The sensations that the child receives in the stocking help him understand where his arms and legs are relative to him. Even just crawling or walking in a stocking will help the child examine his body.

Material:‘supplex fabric, high-quality sewing accessories.

Size: mm: 1050550

Weight:kg: 0.4

Complete set:Elastic stocking1 piece.

Age:3-5 years.