Sensory Fibre Optic Curtain Ring Including Fibres and Light Source

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This impressive fibre optic lighting kit creates amazing colour changing and twinkling light effects, that are truly multi-sensory, not only are they mesmerising to watch, but as the fibre optic tails themselves they don't carry heat or electricity, they are very safe to be touched. With the large 70cm diameter, it creates almost a 'den' of lights that can be sat in, and when looking up from below, there is a mirror, increasing the visual effect further.

The lights can be operated via the included remote control with various settings, from simple static colours, to various colour changing modes, both brightness and speed can be changed. As this is a sizeable piece of sensory equipment, the fitting should be fitted by a competent professional, it comes with 2M of cable, plus hooks and chains to hang. The weigh of the light is around 11kg, so check your ceiling can support this weight.

  • Length of fibre optics 220cm
  • Diameter of ring 70cm
  • 2M of 12V, 2 Amp cable
  • Remote controlled for colours and multi-action modes.
  • Mirror on base of ring to create infinity light tunnel effect