Light Up Board Panel 47cm with 70 Translucent Tactile Fidget Accessories

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Large Light Board with 3 light settings

Large light table with 3 light mode settings. Light up Boards are simple to use, simply plug in and press the on button once to turn it on to the lowest setting, each further touches of this button turns the light a little brighter, finally turning back off on the forth touch.

Light weight and thin so easy to move around. Along two sides of the light panel is a centimetre measuring guide up to 42 and 32cm making it the idea educational tool, along with sensory ability.

Idea for Tracing, stained glass projects, investigation light and dark colours, colour mixing, shadows.

Power: Power: USB cable included. Will work with any USB socket (USB main plug not included)

Size: 47 x 37 x 0.5cm

Coloured Acrylic Pebbles (30 pcs)

This large bag of acrylic pebbles contains a total of 36 pieces in various sizes and an array of vivid colours. The Translucent colourings make the idea for any light table.

Help children experience shapes, colours and textures at the same time right in their own hands. Help relieve stress as they fidget away with these learning aids that invoke all senses.

  • Practise Colour Recognition and great for sensory tactile exercises
  • Sensory toy and sensory education resource for children with autism, ADHD and special needs.
  • Supplied in various miscellaneous bright colours. Soft squidgy material
  • No leaking strong plastic

Translucent Cubes 36 pcs

This set of 36 Translucent Cubes give an amazing effect on a light box or when used in construction. Used for play therapy and special aid.