Light Table with Sand Table Top

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The Benefit of Buying a Sensory Light up & Sand Table for your Children

A light table is a great tool to incite curiosity, imagination in a kid from a very young age. It is a different type of learning experience since it not only improves cognitive skills but also increases communication and learning skills.

This light table is made for sand and messy play using an Acrylic insert. The light table is a wood construction box of top or floor quality playing table with six colour changing large buttons for colour selection, ideal for sensory play and observation. The acrylic table top helps to keep the sand and mess under check and allows for intuitive and sensory play to make light art with a wide variety of materials.

Benefits of Light Up and Sand Table:

A light table is a flat, reflective surface, such as a tabletopwith a source of light below, and the light shines up to the top of the table. It is possible to use the light-up box on the floor or table. It is great for sensory play and making observations. Therefore, the light table proves to be a great place to think, experiment, and converse at a high level. As it becomes a learning hub with increasing opportunities for science, math, writing, and communication skills.

The reflecting colours of the light table give off a very soothing, soft glow. They are widely used in nurseries and classrooms. In classrooms, they help enhance a kid’s imagination, ability to think, analytical, and communication skills. Not only it helps your child to expand his imagination but also allows him to have fun exploring different shapes, colours, and shadows.

Along with that, kid’s cognitive skills will be improved as they will engage with the items on the table that makes them count, sort, match, and identify objects. It is so cognitively engaging for the kids when different tasks are given to them.


  • Its size is about 60/60/12 cm.
  • The top surface is of 55/55 cm.
  • Mains powered.
  • Weight up to 10kg.

All in all, including open-ended sensory play experiences to arts and crafts, to teaching scientific concepts, the light table can be used for anything. The light table makes the learning process for children fun, and it also enhances their cognitive and motor skills.