Colour changing mood Cube stool 30m

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The colour changing furniture is an amazing kid-friendly night light that can be ideal for your children’s rooms. It has calming properties that are perfect for sensory rooms. This colour changing furniture is durable, and versatile which makes it a perfect product. The lights can be changed up to 6 different colours, brightness and flashing modes of the lights can also be adjusted using a remote control.

How does Colour Changing LED Mood Light work

The colour-changing LED Mood Furniture Light can be placed outside or indoors as it is portable. The colour-changing mood light can be used for up to 11 to 12 hours. The mood light works through remote control, which changes the light colours, modes, phases, or set to fade between the 6 main colours.

Benefits of Colour Changing LED Mood Light Up Mushroom

Sensory play will be any activity that helps regulate and develops the feeling of touch, smell, taste, sight or hearing in your kid. Sensory play is known to enhance a kid’s motor skills, and also his cognitive skills. His language perception, communication skills, mathematical skills all improve with sensory play, as they help in developing better memory function.

Along with that, the sensory play has proven to calm an anxious child down. Similarly, these colour-changing LED mood light serves as an aesthetic object for a child and can be placed anywhere inside the room. As they come in various shapes, they help to be an item of showcase furniture, but also something a child can have fun with.

This colour changing furniture comes with a remote control, through which you can set up to 6 different colours. They are calming to look at and the colours fade evenly along the whole shape. This sensory light up furniture lamp help distract a child from an anxious situation. It is also used widely by a child specialist to distract a child from ongoing medical procedures.

Therefore, when the child has a relaxing sensory environment, it not only encourages positive behaviour but also improves his learning skills through sensory play as different parts of the brain are stimulated with the help of sensory stimulation. When the child looks at the shifting colour of the LED mood light furniture, it increases his visual attention and colour identification abilities.


Size: 30/30/30 cm.

Colour: White

Power Source: Mains

Usage: Sensory

Material: Plastic

Weight: Approx: 2.7 kg.