Chewigem Twister Bangle - (2 Pack)

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Colour: Black

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The chewable, stimmable Twister Bangles are popular with children and adults due to their versatility and discretion. With ridged texture and real flexibility, plus a satisfying bounce the feedback from these bangles is incredible.

Designed to meet the needs of younger chewers, its diameter is such that it works for most children, but due to its flex and stretch, it also fits the majority of average framed adults too.

  • 2 in a pack
  • Super for lighter chewers
  • Perfect for those who enjoy flexible stim aids
  • Gentle ridged repeating texture

90% of people say Chewigem reduces their anxiety

Picture yourself at work or school, sporting this super discreet and comfortable bangle that just blends in and looks like any other wrist wear. As you feel your senses becoming overloaded, you can gently run the lumpy surface. You decide to slip it off your wrist and squeeze it in your fist, feeling its soft flexible sides crumple in your hands then spring back into shape. You twist it around on itself and around your fingers. You slip it back onto your hand but leaving your thumb as a barrier so it does not go on your wrist and it sits across your knuckles. You place your head on your hands and can gently nibble the soft springy bangle. Your sensory system rewards you with calm and feeling regulated and you are able to focus once again.