Chewigem - Berries Weighted Chew

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Colour: Rainbow

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The versatile Berries necklace is multifunctional and can provide weighted therapy on the go!

Designed to be functional and versatile the berries necklace is a fast-selling product and when you learn about its features you will understand why. To the lay eye, it looks like a chunky statement piece, but in practice, it can be so much more. 

  • You can adapt this from one bead, three, beads to the full set of seven and everything in between.
  • Each bead has a lumpy texture which is a pleasure to rub
  • The full necklace feels heavy, giving you weighted therapy on the go.
  • Does not have to be worn, can be used as a fiddle and stim aid in your hand too.

90% of people report Chewigem helps their anxiety

If you love a piece of chunky statement jewellery then this could be the product for you, but if you don’t, then don’t write this one off… strip it down to fewer beads, or have it in your pocket to fiddle with. Imagine walking through a busy shopping centre and being able to reach up to your neck and feel the weight of those beads in your hands, twist and fiddle with them and feel your body relax as the sensations smooth and calm you. 

“They have weight to them which I find wonderful for my weight-grounding needs. My favourite thing about these is the texture!” Angel

If you love the idea of this texture then you might want to consider our pocket fidget which has a bead in the centre with the same texture as the berries and makes a portable stimmable pocket companion.