Bubble Tube – 60cm & Plasma Ball – 8 Inch

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Touch & Sound Activated, Sensory Multi-Coloured Lightning Display

This combo pack contains 2 of our most popular sensory products.

Bubble Tube Tank and Plasma Ball:

The combination of colour-changing bubbles in the Bubble Tube Tank and Plasma Ball, and gentle hum makes this bubble lamp the ideal sensory product that stimulates the senses and creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for children with autism, special needs, or ADHD

Use this water Bubble Tube Tank and Plasma Ball to enhance the decor of your living room, bedroom, playroom, or even your office or waiting room. A floor lamp, and column water fountain all in one make it a great way to upgrade any room.

To set up the bubble tub, simply fill the column with water, and plugin. Use the switch on the base to turn on and off. LED lights are bright and energy-efficient, making them cost-effective to run. Secure your bubble tube to the wall to prevent accidents and spillages with Playlearns compatible bubble tube bracket.

Colour change lighting Sensory Bubble Lamp, the bubbles, makes it ideal for any classroom or sensory zone. Suitable to place on a floor.

Whether it is in a calming room or an interactive room, the array of changing colours and moving bubbles gets everyone attracted to its relaxing effects. Be mesmerised by the? balls. Popular for those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Creates a positive response when watching bubble tubes in action. Provides a tracking activity that helps to improve visual development and communications skills. Bubble tube is 10cm in diameter.

We strongly recommend making your bubble tube as stable as possible please use a bracket, available separately.

Features of Bubble Tube Tank and Plasma Ball:

  • Colour change lighting, bubbles, balls & swimming fish
  • Ideal for any classroom or sensory zone.
  • Provides a tracking activity that helps to improve visual development & communications skills
  • Popular for those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
  • 60cm Tall On-off switch on wire Black Includes 8 Fish

Size:20/20/60cm Tall.

Colour: Clear with black base

Power Source: Mains

Usage: Sensory, autism and special needs toy.

Material: Plastic

Weight: Approx: 2,7 kg.


Plasma Ball:

This Plasma Ball creates a mesmerising display of light inside a super large hand-blown glass sphere, that responds to both touch and sounds. It is the safest Plasma Ball you can purchase as it is the only design on the market that has a special cut out safety feature if it is broken. Fascinating to watch, it displays mind-blowing scientific qualities as it blends specially formulated inert gases.

Place your fingers on the glass surface, and watch as coloured bolts of glowing lights flicker out from its core, and interact with your fingertips, following their every move around the large 6-inch glass sphere. You can actually feel the energy as the purple light gently tickles your fingertips.


Turn the switch to Audio position and your Plasma Ball will respond to your voice, sounds, and music. It can be viewed from any angle and comes complete with its own AC power adaptor, ready to easily plug into the mains and enjoy. Simple on/off switch.

The Plasma Ball gives you the ultimate interactive lighting experience. Measure Approx 6 Diameter. Caution: Not a toy.

Power Source:Mains

Usage: Sensory, autism and special needs toy.