Bubble Tube 120cm x 12cm with Fish and Remote (includes Bracket)

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Have you always dreamed of having an aquarium but feel hesitant about the commitment This Artificial Aquarium Bubble Tube gives you the best of both worlds ? a beautiful aquarium display with minimal maintenance.

Fish of different colours and sizes bob up and down and flap their fins in this water tank while interacting with the bubbles. Our LED lights emit a bright, long-lasting colour while remaining energy-efficient and cost-effective.

LED Lights in 7 Colours: Green,?Purple,?Blue,?Yellow,?Pink,?Red,?Orange


Aside from accessorising your space, this Sensory Bubble Tube Aquarium is educational. Watching the fish float up and down promotes children object tracking skills while seeing the lights alternate between different colours enhances colour recognition. The repetitive movements of the bubbles and fish with alternating colours and the soft buzz of the machine provides the perfect stimulation for individuals with special needs, autism, ADHD and dementia, fitting right into sensory rooms, schools and nursing homes alike.
This floor lamp can also have a calming effect on individuals with anxiety and help relieve tension, making it a perfect nightlight for kids bedrooms.


  • Sensory Bubble Tube
  • Changing LED Light Floor Lamp
  • Chrome Base & Top
  • Clear Tube
  • On / Off Switch and Remote Control

Height: 122cm

Colour: Clear Tube / Base

Power Source: Mains Adaptor included

Usage: ADHD, Sensory