Chewigem Button Pendant

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  • The Button Necklace is a wearable sensory pendant that can be chewed too!

    Features and benefits of the Button Necklace include –

    • A wearable, sensory pendant that can be chewed
    • Recommended for moderate to aggressive chewers
    • Chunky, robust design with very little give
    • Tough enough for heavy chewers that use their back molars
    • Suitable for those who chew with their front teeth due to its rounded edge
    • Features a neck cord with a breakaway clasp for safety
    • Tactile, polished design that will be loved by those who fidget or stim
    • Discreet design that doesn’t stand out
    • Neck cord features breakaway clasp for safety
    • Offers instant calming to those in stressful or meltdown situations
    • Improves focus and concentration skills
    • A safe alternative for those who chew on clothing, pencils, fingers, or other items
    • Suitable for those craving tactile sensory input or the input received from destructive oral motor grinding
    • A great addition to a sensory diet for managing anxiety or stress-related behaviour
    • Made from non-toxic silicone - Free from BPA, latex, lead, phthalates and PVC
    • Suitable for children and adults of all abilities, including those with SPD, Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and other Special Needs
    • Pendant only can be washed in warm, soapy water or placed in the top rack of a dishwasher

    Size – Pendant approximately 5cm diameter and 1cm thick. Breakaway Neck Cord approximately 70cm long

    Choice – Please select your colour option using the drop-down menu. One Necklace is supplied, group photos are for illustrative purposes only

    Please note - This product is a chew. It is vital that all products should be used under supervision and checked regularly for damage. As soon as wear and tear show the product should be discarded. Made from non-toxic materials, free from BPA, Latex, Lead, Phthalates and PVC. Recommended for children 5 years old and upwards. Please do not chew the cord and clasp.