Chewigem Geotag Pendant

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The Geotag combines strength with style in a pendant that works for all. A popular option with our community due to the dual texture and its strength.

The Geotags sister the dog tags, work very well, but for some are just too thin and not strong enough, this inspired the Geotag, drawing on inspiration from block building games like Minecraft and combining it with retro games such as Tetris,  whilst considering how to keep the neutral look and feel of the dog tag, led us to create this ever-popular pendant.

  • Dual texture features with smooth and raised areas
  • Dense and robust
  • Matt finish no glossy feel
  • Funky paracords

90% of people who use Chewigem report it reduces their anxiety

Whether you need to rub your fingers over the texture on the front or squeeze it hard in your fist or chew hard this product provides a cool, contemporary look that combines fun and function resulting in a much-loved pendant.